sábado, fevereiro 14, 2015

As I revived my dead blog

As I revived my dead blog

In the last nine months I used the social media defibrillator and I increase the traffic to my blog for more than 250,000 page views per month, how to get hit? Defibrillate it .... paste the blades on your blog and download the joules, you can not wait more:

Discharge 100 joules

1) three or four posts a week

Discharge 180 joules

2) posts - useful, great, fraternal and curious

Discharge 180 joules

3) pictures and internal links

Discharge 220 joules

4) share posts on social networks

Discharge 250 joules

5) put giants social media buttons

Discharge 300 joules

6) put your social media profiles on the blog

Discharge 350 joules

7) allow comments
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